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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Composition Technique 3

Negative Space:

This picture of a flying pigeon focuses on negative space with the main subject being the bird. I like it because its wings are outstretched and you can clearly see the tail and head. Its also good because there is no distractions to take away from the bird.

This picture is of a lamppost with the sun shining through it. The glass warps the sunlights so it is not as bright and shines through multiple places. It was hard to take because I couldn't really see where the sun was because it was too bright so it took a lot of tries to get it right. 

This picture of a leaf also shows negative space. I like how it focuses on the one leaf and you can really see every vain. This picture also incorporates line because of the veins in the leaf and the branches that generate interest so its not just a leaf. 


This is a photo of a toy plane, I put it on the edge of my balcony so there would be more natural light on it to be able to see the bright red and blue and white stripes on the tail of the plane. I thought it was cool how the rainbow also appeared because of the sun behind it.  

This picture is of a fake flower and chicken decoration in a planter. I liked how the bright colors stood out against the more natural colors of the leaves and the dull color in the background. I blurred them because I also liked the pattern on the little gate thing in the front and decided that the color could still show through even when blurred. I also like how the blurred objects look beat up and overgrown like they have been there for a long time. 

This photo of some flowers on a branch shows color and texture. I like how the bright pink of the flowers seems so vibrant against the bright blue of the sky. Then there are also the green leaves which help to balance out the picture. I think I like this picture because it also incorporates my favourite colors and they're so bright. The picture has texture because the leaves are all folded in different ways and they remind origami. 
Rhythm and Movement:

This is a photo of an arm on a bench in a park. I liked its curviness because its flowing and seems to be moving almost. It likes like its dancing because its so fluent. 


This is a picture of the side of a building. I took it from the stairs of my building because they are outside so I can see it straight on instead of looking at it upwards. I liked the flower pattern and the porches on either side. 


This is a picture of my hallway from the level above. Its balanced because without the plants it would be the same but the plants add information and add color to the photo. I really liked all the potted plants in the front because they look so cute. The plants in the planters balance out the photo even though there are different amounts on each side. 

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  1. Mackezie! I love these pictures! My favourites are all of your negative space and color pictures. I love how you're angling all of your images! I really like all of these!