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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Composition Technique 2

Texture 1
This is a picture a lamp shade the shadows make it easy to see the texture. I took this in my dining room. I thought it's texture was nice so I photographed it. The view this was taken was not completely birds eye because it was not right above it but slantingly looking down. 

Texture 2
This picture is of my dog Helen's fur, I thought it looked almost like waves in an ocean. This image gives a soft texture, but could also be taken as a bumpy texture because its so ruffled. 
Line 1
This photo is of a pattern on a mud cloth hanging above my couch. I liked the different lines and how there are three main lines but then there are also other shapes in the background. 
Line 2
This Is a picture of a branch that is in the top of the lamp that is in my texture photo. I thought this could be line because you follow the different lines of the branch into the photo. I also liked how the light gave off a dramatic effect.

Line 3
This is a photo of bamboo, I really liked how it was straight and then curled because I thought it made the picture much more interesting than if it had just been straight. There are also lines going perpendicular to the actual stick of bamboo which adds texture and again more interest. To take this photo I had to lie down on the floor and look up, which is similar to worms eye view. 

Line 4
This is a fan, the lines of the wood fill the picture and are straight and neat whereas the lines on the cloth between the wooden lines are swirly and fun. There are also two curved lines where the cloth starts and ends. I think its cool how the lines are all very different from one another. 
This picture is of a curtain partway over a window and partway over the wall. The part over the window has light shining through it and gives it a much lighter color. The darker part has the wall shading it, which makes it a much darker and heavier color. 

This was taken on the corniche, of a skateboard and a shoe. I liked how the pale colors of the brick contrast with the bright color of my bright red shoe and the black skateboard balances it out.

Light and Shadow
This picture is of the shadows from plants on a small table with a design between the legs. I thought they created interest shapes and patterns on the floor and took a picture. There are so many shapes and shadows that it generates interest in the photo.  

This is a picture of a blanket. This could also qualify as line also but I like the pattern on it more then the lines because the lines are all straight which is a little boring. 
This is a picture of a leaf. I thought the cool darker patterns on it where very cool and made a nice pattern.


  1. Mackenzie - these are pretty awesome photos. I love them! I also really like your theme - very cool color.

  2. Mackenzie your photos are so cool. They are very clear and I really enjoy looking at them!