Creative Commons

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Creative Commons

1.If someone does something original then yes they should get credit for it because they probably worked very hard to come up with it and deserve recognition.

2. You could give credit for a photo by citing the person who took the photo.

3. In other forms of work you can create a bibliography and use the correct format to give them credit.

4. It is fair to use other people's work to create you own because you have to base your ideas off of something else and it is a good way to start as long as it is not too similar to their piece of work.

5. It is not okay to upright copy somebody's work. If you do that you have to give them credit or you have to change it enough so it is your own.

About the Video

1. Is it fair?
It was unfair of the company to use the girls photo especially without her permission even if there hadn't been creative commons on it the company should have known to not use a random persons picture.

2. Was virgin mobile allowed to do this?
No they were not allowed to use her photo because they didn't ask the girl or whoever put the picture on flickr.

3. What do you think about this?
I think it was very unfair and invasive to the girls privacy to take her picture and use it in a nation wide advertisement. I was stolen and should not have been used.

4. What if you were that girl?
If I was the girl I would be very upset with the company and tell them to take down the photo. 

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